ICYMI: Monash University’s Podcast On Obscure Australian Cases Offers a Unique View Of the Law @MonashUni

ICYMI: Monash Law School sponsors the podcast Just Cases, which features the stories behind obscure Australian cases. The podcast’s producer, James Pattison, says, 

“At Monash Law School, so many juicy and really important court cases are recounted to students during lectures. But it’s only if you sit in the classroom that you get to hear these stories. “We thought there is so much drama here and the community has a real appetite for real legal stories and legal knowledge. We wanted to put these cases into plain language so that everyone can listen.”

The podcast’s host is Professor Melissa Castan. She notes,  “Monash academics have so much to tell us beyond their familiar roles in the lecture theatre…These episodes show us some of the best and the worst of what the law can do, and it’s a unique opportunity to have our experts uncover the human dimensions of the law.”

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