Female Attorneys As Characters In Video Games, Comics, and Other Popular Culture

Snow Job (Video Game).   Lara Calabreze is a NY assistant district attorney, and retired NY police officer Jaques Lamont’s ex-girlfriend. The “Snowman,” a hitman, has her in his sights.

The Watchmaker (Video Game). Lawyer Victoria Conroy works with paranormal investigator Darrel Boone to track down a clock made by “the Watchmaker.”  More here.

So far, we can find few female lawyers in cartoons, but there are some. In addition to the aptly named Joanie Caucus from the Doonesbury comic strip, we note She-Hulk of the Marvel Universe, who began life as lawyer Jennifer Walters. More about Joanie’s law school career here,  and about She-Hulk, Bruce Banner’s cousin, here. 

Female lawyers seem to turn up fairly regularly on reality tv shows. The first one to pop up on a reality show seems to have been Stacey Stillman, a New York University Law School grad, who appeared on Survivor: Borneo. Ms. Stillman was voted off the island quite early, and later sued CBS for fraud, breach of contract, and unlawful business practices, alleging that producer Mark Burnett and other members of the staff had manipulated the outcome of the show. Ultimately the parties settled out of court.

Brooke Struck Stephens competed on Survivor: Guatemala. She earned her law degree from Pepperdine Law School.