Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With C)

Cahoon, Lynn, Guidebook to Murder (Kensington, 2014) (Tourist Trap Mystery; Book 1). This series features Jill Gardner, a former family law practitioner who now runs a bookshop in South Cove, California.

Cameron, Gay, The Defendant (Toronto, NY: Harlequin, 1997)(Harlequin Intrigue; 404).

Cameron, Stella, Sheer pleasures (NY: Kensington, 1995)(Zebra romance)(Zebra books). A lawyer investigates her friend’s disappearance. Romance fiction.

Cameron, Sue, Love, sex, and murder (NY: Warner Books, 1996). San Francisco attorney investigates sadomasochism and murder.

Canham, Marsha, Dark & dangerous (NY: Harlequin Books, 1992)(Harlequin temptation; 386). Female attorney investigates corporate crime in the Bahamas.

Cannon, Taffy, Tangled roots (NY: Fawcett Crest, 1996).

Cannon, Taffy, A pocketful of karma (NY: Ballantine Books, 1995). LA lawyer.

Carr, Robyn, Mind tryst (NY: St.Martin’s Press, 1993).

Carter, Paula, Deathday Party (NY: Prime Crime, 1999). Former law student helps a local detective investigate a strange crime; traditional “locked room” mystery takes on some new twists. All mysteries in the series include a recipe mentioned in the plot.

Carter, Paula, Leading an Elegant Death (NY: Prime Crime, 1999). A former law student takes a job with a catering service; investigates a murder.

Carter, Paula, Red Wine Goes With Murder (NY: Prime Crime, 2000).

Cassidy, Carla, Passion in the First Degree ()(Harlequin Intrigue; 379). A Louisiana attorney takes a former flame as her client in a murder case; romance fiction.

Caudwell, Sarah, The shortest way to Hades (NY: Dell, 1995). Features Hilary Tamar.

Caudwell, Sarah, The sirens sang of murder (NY: Dell, 1990). Features the androgynous Hilary Tamar. Note that Tamar is never specifically identified as male or female.

Caudwell, Sarah, The Sybil in Her Grave (2000).

Caudwell, Sarah, Thus was Adonis murdered (NY: Dell, 1994). Features Hilary Tamar.

Chase, Lindsay, Honor (NY: Diamond, 1994). Romance fiction.

Chastain, Thomas, The prosecutor: A novel (NY: Morrow, 1992). NY city DA investigates murder and coverups.

Clair, Daphne, Wilde man (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1996)(Weddings by DeWilde; 10). New South Wales attorney finds love; romance fiction.

Clare, Cathryn, Sun and shadow (NY: Silhouette Books, 1994)(Silhouette Intimate Moments; 558). R

Clark, Amanda, Sullivan’s law (NY: Harlequin Books, 1994)(Harlequin romance; 179)(Kids & Kisses). A law student finds love with the local judge in a small town outside Boston.

Clark, Marcia,   Blood Defense (Thomas & Mercer, 2016). Features Samantha Brinkman, criminal defense attorney.

Clark, Marcia, Moral Defense (Thomas & Mercer, 2016). The second Samantha Brinkman novel.

Clark, Marcia, Snap Judgment (Thomas & Mercer, 2017). The third Samantha Brinkman novel.


Clark, Marcia, Guilt By Association (Mulholland Books, 2011). Rachel Knight is a Los Angeles special prosecutor.

Clark, Marcia, Guilt By Degrees (Mulholland Books, 2012). The second Rachel Knight book.

Clark, Marcia, Killer Ambition (Mulholland Books, 2013). The third Rachel Knight book.

Clark, Marcia, Killer Association (Mulholland Books, 2014). The fourth Rachel Knight book.

Clark, Mary Higgins, The cradle will fall (Cutchogue, NY: Buccaneer Books, 1980). Set in NJ. The film version starred Lauren Hutton as the district attorney.

Clark, Mary Higgins, Let me call you sweetheart (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1995).

Coel, Margaret, The Dream Stalker (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1997). Arapaho lawyer Vicki Holden becomes involved with Native American causes and radioactive waste disposal case in Wyoming.

Coel, Margaret, The Eagle Catcher (1995).

Coel, Margaret, The Ghost Walker (1996).

Coel, Margaret, The Lost Bird (1999).

Coel, Margaret, The Spirit Woman (due September 2000).

Coel, Margaret, The Story Teller (1998).

Coggeshall, Ina, Too many suspects (NY: Avalon, 1999). Mystery.

Collins, Kate, Mum’s the Word (2004). Features Abby Knight, a law school dropout turned flower shop owner.  The Hallmark Channel has begun airing television adaptations of these novels, in which Brooke Shields plays a fifty-something version of Abby Knight. In the films, Abby is a lawyer turned florist. The first film in the series is Mum’s the Word (2016).

Collins, Kate. Slay It With Flowers (2005). Features Abby Knight.

Collins, Kate. Dearly Depotted (2005). Features Abby Knight.

Collins, Tess, The Law of the Dead (NY: Ivy Books, 1999). Mystery

Collins, Theresa, The law of revenge (NY: Ivy Books, 1997). Set in the Appalachian mountains.

Connelly, Cara, The Wedding Favor (Avon, 2013) (A Save the Date Novel). Attorney Victoria Westin and ranch owner Tyrell Brown fall in love.

Connelly, Cara, The Wedding Vow (Avon, 2014). Former prosecutor Maddie St. Clair gets involved with billionaire Adam LeCroix.

Connelly, Michael, The Lincoln Lawyer (Little, Brown, 2005). The main character is Mickey Haller; his ex-wife is Margaret McPherson, a prosecutor.

Condon, Richard, The venerable bead (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1992).

Cooper, Natasha, Creeping Ivy (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1999). Features English attorney Trish Maguire.

Cooper, Natasha, Fault Lines (NY: Pocket Books, 1999).

Cooper, Natasha, Prey to All (Minotaur Books, 2000). A Trish Maguire mystery.

Cose, Ellis, The Best Defense (1998). An African-American attorney defends a man accused of shooting his co-workers in this courtroom thriller.

Coughlin, William Jeremiah, The twelve apostles (NY: Putnam, 1984). Woman corporate lawyer.

Criswell, Millie, Defiant! (NY: Warner Books, 1998). Attorney Hannah Barkley.

Cross, Amanda, Honest Doubt (2001). Series sleuth Kate Fansler takes a back seat to Estelle “Woody” Woodhaven, a former NY defense lawyer who opens her own private investigation agency, in this whodunit set on a small college campus.

Cumper, Patricia, One bright child (1998). Features a minority lawyer. Set in Jamaica and England.