Essays, Articles, Interviews, and Reviews

Kyle Bailey, The World of Batman: Justice, Natural Law, and the Power of Stories

Christoph Bezemek, The Men of the Night’s Watch: What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us about Asceticism, Cenobite Monasticism, and Equality

Christine A. Corcos, Evidence of Things Not Seen: Law and “Miracle on 34th Street”

Christine A. Corcos, “Young Sheldon” and Library User Privacy

Christine A. Corcos, What We Talk About When We Talk About Law Schools: Deconstructing Meaning In Popular Culture Images of Legal Education

Brian L. Frye, A Potted Legal History of the Bisbee Deportation of 1917

Shubha Ghosh, Art as Judgment: Review of Florian Donnersmarck’s Film, “Never Look Away”

Shubha Ghosh, Framing the Law: Review of Thomas Giddens, On Comics and Legal Aesthetics

Shubha Ghosh, Law’s Pop, Justice’s Fizzle: Review of Law and Justice in Japanese Pop Culture

Shubha Ghosh, Love and Dead Hand Control At the Border

Leslie Griffin, Stuart Eizenstat on President Carter’s Morality: Episodes From an Administration: A Review of President Carter: The White House Years

Barbara Hughes-Moore, Nicole Mansfield Wright’s Defending Privilege: Rights, Status, and Legal Peril in the British Novel (Book Review)

Barbara Hughes-Moore, You Get What You Deserve: Joker and Criminal Justice

John Ip, “Bodyguard” and Zeitgeist of Counterterrorism

Joshua Jones, Book Review, Hamilton and the Law

Seohye Kwon, Book Review of Martin J. Siegel, Judgment and Mercy: The Turbulent Life and Times of the Man Who Condemned the Rosenbergs

Andy Lowry, Book Review, Paul Raffield, Shakespeare’s Strangers and the Law

Teri McMurtry-Chubb, Why So Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile?

Nicholas Mignanelli, Vodou and the Law: A Literature Review

Rostam J. Neuwirth, Book Review: Is “Legal Fiction” An Oxymoron?: A Book Review of Kristin J. Albrecht, Fiktionen Im Recht

David Ray Papke, Ageism in American Culture

David Ray Papke, The Writer on Wall Street: An Interview With Louis Auchincloss

Pupal Dutta Prasad, A Review of Diana RIckard’s The New True Crime: How the Rise of Serialized Storytelling Is Transforming Innocence

Ezra Rosser, The Law of Friends

Marc L. Roark, Law, Literature, and Identity

Cassandra Sharp, Kate Smith, The Negligents

Cassandra Sharp and Karina Murray, It’s All Academic

Susan Tanner, Book Review: Franz-Willem Korsten’s Art as an Interface of Law and Justice