Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With I-J-K)


Ireland, Liz, Heaven-sent husband (NY: Harlequin Books, 1996)(Harlequin American romance; 639)(Rising star). Austin, TX attorney.

Isaacs, Susan, Lily White (NY: HarperPaperbacks, 1997). NY attorney Lee White defends her con man client in a murder case.

Irving, Clifford, Trial (1991). Made into a television movie starring Peter Strauss. Features female judge and prosecutor.

Jackson, Brenda Streater, Eternally yours (NY: Kensington, 1997)(Arabesque). African American attorney.

Jackson, Monica, A magical moment (NY: Kensington, 1999)(Arabesque). Romance.

Jacobs, Jonnie, Evidence of guilt: A Kali O’Brien mystery (NY: Kensington, 1997). Small town lawyer Kali O’Brien takes on an unpopular defendant in a murder case. First in the series.

Jacobs, Jonnie, Motion to dismiss (NY: Kensington, 1999). A Kali O’Brien mystery.

Jacobs, Jonnie, Shadow of Doubt (1997). A Kali O’Brien mystery.

Jacobs, Jonnie, Witness for the Defense (NY: Kensington, 2001). A Kali O’Brien mystery.

James, P. D., A certain justice (1998). Adam Dalgleish investigates the murder of a female criminal lawyer.

Jarrett, Norma, Sunday Brunch (). Five African-American women attorneys meet regularly to discuss life and love.

Jevons, Marshall, The Fatal Equilibrium (1985). A female prosecutor plays a small part in this mystery featuring a Harvard economics professor who solves the puzzle behind the deaths of three colleagues.

Johnston, Linda O., Fine-Feathered Death (Penguin, 2006). Another Kendra Ballantyne mystery. Johnston is an attorney.

Johnston, Linda O., Nothing to Fear But Ferrets (Penguin, 2005). Kendra Ballantyne returns.

Johnston, Linda O., Sit, Stay, Slay (2005). Features Kendra Ballantyne, an L.A. litigator whose license has been temporarily suspended, and who becomes a pet-sitter to pay the bills.

Jordan, Penny, Law of attraction (NY: Harlequin Books, 1992)(Harlequin presents; 1705).

Jordan, Penny, Levelling the score (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1987)(Collector’s edition). Set in England.

Judd, Toni M., Green Grass, Red Streets (Urbana, IL: Weston, 1999).

Kahn, Michael A., Bearing Witness (NY: Forge, 2000). Features St. Louis attorney Rachel Gold.

Kahn, Michael A., The Canaan Legacy. See Kahn, Michael A., Grave Designs.

Kahn, Michael A., Death benefits: A Rachel Gold mystery (NY: Dutton, 1992). St. Louis attorney Rachel Gold investigates multiple deaths linked to the death of a partner in her former law firm. Kahn’s novels are particularly well-written and the characters are memorable.

Kahn, Michael A., Due diligence (NY: Dutton, 1995). St. Louis attorney Rachel Gold investigates murders linked to a drug company.

Kahn, Michael A., Firm ambitions : a Rachel Gold mystery (NY: Onyx, 1994). Features St. Louis MO attorney Rachel Gold.

Kahn, Michael A., Grave designs : a Rachel Gold mystery (NY: Signet, 1988). Previous title: The Canaan Legacy. Rachel Gold is an associate in a prestigious Chicago law firm, investigates a mysterious clause in a will.

Kahn, Michael A., Sheer gall (NY: Signet Books, 1996). Features Rachel Gold, divorce and civil litigation lawyer, practicing in St. Louis, MO. Traditional mystery.

Kane, Dixie, Dreaming of you (NY: Zebra Books, 2002). Mask maker, investment banker find romance in New Orleans. Very little mystery, involving a ghost, against the backdrop of some real estate law. Author is a lawyer.

Kane, Stephanie, Extreme Indifference (Pocket Books, 2004). Defense attorney Jackie Flowers.

Kane, Stephanie, Seeds of Doubt (Simon and Schuster, 2004). Defense attorney Jackie Flowers.

Julia Keller, Evening Street: A Bell Elkins Novella (Minotaur Books, 2015). Bell Elkins is a small town prosecutor.

Kelley, Norman, Black Heat: A Nina Halligan Mystery (Amistad Press, 2001). Halligan is an African-American former prosecutor turned investigator who takes on the case of an assassinated civil rights leader.

Kelly, Lelia, False Witness (NY: Kensington Books, 2000). Features attorney Laura Chastain.

Kelly, Lelia, Presumption of guilt (NY: Kensington Books, 1998). Female Atlanta attorney Laura Chastain investigates police corruption; debut novel.

Knight, Nancy, Defenseless (NY: Pinnacle Books, 1993). Georgia attorney.

Kopp, Nancy, Absent Witness (NY: Onyx, 1999). Set in Chicago.

Kopp, Nancy, Acts and omissions (NY: Signet Books, 1994). Chicago lawyer investigates serial murders.

Kopp, Nancy, With intent to kill (NY: Signet, 1998). Wisconsin woman lawyer prosecutes a savage murder case. Well-written legal thriller.

Korelitz, Jean Hanff, A jury of her peers (NY: Onyx, 1996). NY lawyer.

Korelitz, Jean Hanff, The Sabbathday River (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999).

Koukos, Pamela, Faithful love (Bethel, CT: Rutledge Books, 1995).

Kress, Nancy, Beggars in Spain (NY: Morrow, 1993).

Krich, Rochelle Majer, Speak no evil (NY: Mysterious Press, 1996). LA attorney Debra Laslow investigates serial murder of defense attorneys involved in rape cases.

Krueger, William Kent, Purgatory Ridge (NY: Pocket Books, 2002). Woman lawyer represents a Native American tribe in a murder investigation.