Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With L)

La Seur, Carrie, The Home Place (NY: William Morrow, 2014). A corporate attorney returns to her home town to investigate the suspicious death of her younger sister.

Lachnit, Carroll, A blessed death (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1996). Southern California lawyer Hannah Barlow investigates murder.

Lachnit, Carroll, Akin to death (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1998). Southern California setting.

Lachnit, Carroll, Janie’s Law (1999). A Hannah Barlow mystery.

Lachnit, Carroll, Murder in Brief (1995). First appearance of law student Hannah Barlow.

Lambert, Mercedes, Dogtown (NY: Penguin Books, 1991).

Lambert, Mercedes, Soultown (NY: Penguin, 1996). LA solo practictioner Whitney Logan investigates disappearance of a Latina housekeeper.

Lane, Sandy, The moon with mascara (London: Minerva, 1998).

Langello, Kip, The clinic (NY: Pocket Star Book, 1997). Action centers on nefarious doings at a fertility clinic.

Latt, Mimi Lavenda, Powers of attorney (NY: Pocket Books, 1994).

Latt, Mimi Lavenda, Pursuit of justice (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1998). LA lawyer investigates murder. Features attorney Rebecca Morland.

Latt, Mimi Lavenda, Ultimate Justice (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1999). Features lawyer Alexandra Locke.

Le Carre, John, The Constant Gardener (NY: Scribner, 2000). Features Tessa, a British attorney and victim in this thriller.

Le Clair, Tom, Well-Founded Fear (Dunkirk, NY: Olin Frederick, 2000). Legal thriller about Kurdish refugees and political persecution.

Lee, Linda Francis, The Ex-Debutante (2008). Novel about a lawyer-heiress and her discovery of true love.

Lee, Rachel, Before I Sleep (NY: Warner Books, 1999).Romantic suspense.

Lee, Rachel., A fateful choice (Don Mills, Ontario: Mira Books, 1996). Romance fiction.

Lee, Rachel, A question of justice (Richmond: Silhouette Sensation, 1996)(He who dares). Wyoming attorney; romance fiction.

Leigh, Victoria, Wait for midnight (NY: Bantam Books, 1996)(Loveswept). Romance fiction.

Lescroart, John T., The Hearing (NY: Dutton, 2001). Another female DA with ambitions gets involved in a high-profile murder case.

Levin, Michael, The Socratic method (1987). Female law professor tries to get tenure.

Levine, Paul J., 9 scorpions (1998). Female attorney investigates an airline accident.

  • Owens, John B., Book Review: The Simple Truth About 9 Scorpions and The Tenth Justice, 88 California Law Review 233 (January 2000).

Levine, Paul J., Solomon vs. Lord (NY: Bantam Books, 2005). Legal thriller featuring trial attorneys Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord (she’s a former assistant d.a.). First in a series. Levine also writes the Jake Lassiter novels.

Lewis, Susan, One Minute Later (HarperCollins, 2019) . Female attorney moves back home when she becomes ill; uncovers a family secret.

Lochte, Dick and Christopher Darden, L. A. Justice (2001). Features Nikki Hill. Lochte is the author of numerous mysteries; Darden was a prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson criminal trial.

Lochte, Dick and Christopher Darden, The Trials of Nikki Hill (1999). African-American female prosecutor working in LA.

Logan, Leandra, Angel baby (NY: Harlequin, 1995)(Harleqiun temptation; 564).

Lovelace, Merline, River Rising (NY: New American Library, 1999).Romance.

Lynds, Gayle, Mesmerized (NY: Pocket Books, 2002). Washington attorney on the partnership fast track joins forces with a reporter to investigate psychic visions.

Lyons, Mary, Reform of the Playboy (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1999)(Notting Hill Grooms)(Mills & Boon Romance; H5068). Romance.

Lyons, Richard, The edge of things (Midlothian, VA: Van Neste Books, 1999). Seattle lawyer investigates a serial killer.

Lysaght, Brian, Eye of the beholder (NY: Pocket Books, 1995).