Blogs and Websites

General Blogs and Websites of Interest

The Cultural Center

The Digital Constitutionalist See particularly the Science Fiction section.

Fake History Hunter

Groupe de recherche sur les humanités juridiques


Jurisculture: Exploring Law, Culture and Media

Jus Politicum/Encyclopédie de Droit Politique


The Law and Humanities Blog

Law and the Human On Twitter at @LawandtheHuman1

Law Text Culture

The Marble Palace Blog

Quote Investigator

The Savory Tort 

Visible Justice: Visual Culture and Social Justice

Warwick Centre for Critical Legal Studies

What A Lawyer Looks Like

What Is My Movie?

Law and Art

Center For Art Law

Law and Emotions

Interdisciplinary Networks To Study the Role of Emotions and the Law (website of Susan A. Bandes)

Law and Fiction

The Crime Hub

CrimeReads On Twitter at @CrimeReads

Law and Language

Law and Language

A blog maintained by Professor Harold Lloyd, Wake Forest School of Law.  Follow Professor Lloyd on Twitter at @LloydEsq

Legal History

ABA Women Trailblazers Project. Available at American Bar Association. ABA Groups. Senior Lawyers Division. Women Trailblazers Project Listing and Stanford Law School. Robert Crown Law Library. ABA Women Trailblazers Project.

The Canadian Legal History Blog

The Edinburgh Legal History Blog

Environment, Law, and History

European Society for Comparative Legal History Blog

Famous Trials (Douglas Linder’s Website)

Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpse

Irish Society of Comparative Law

Legal History Blog

Murder By Gaslight

Newcastle Gaol

Roman Law Resources

(Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow School of Law)

Ruth Cannon’s History of the Four Courts, Ireland

Law and Popular Culture

General Coverage

The ACD Society

The Center for the Study of the Public Domain

the columbophile

Guns, Gams, & Gumshoes

Jurisculture: Exploring Law, Culture and Media

The Legal Geeks

The Legal Geeks also produce a podcast.

The Ultimate Columbo Site (no longer updated)

Science Fiction

See the Science Fiction section of the Digital Constitutionalist.


Sports Law and Popular Culture


Don’t Mess With Taxes (pop culture)

Television Series

The Prime-Time Crime Review.

Novelist Allison Leotta, a former federal prosecutor, devotes her blog to episodes of Law & Order.

“that’s what she said”: a fordharrison blog about the popular television series “the office”

While the television series The Office is no longer on the air, this (no longer updated) blog provides an interesting and provocative look at legal issues the show raises.

TVs and Law Degrees

Comic Books

Law and the Multiverse

This blog “turn[s its] attention to the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers.”


Ethics on Film (Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs)


The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture. A project of the Norman Lear Center

Pop Culture Detective (YouTube Channel)

Law and Literature

Shakespeare Documented. Folger Library

Shakespeare Moot Court Project. McGill University Department of English.

E-Texts of Law-Related Literature

Canadiana Online

Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse

Emory Women Writer’s Resource Project


Irish Literature

Library of Congress: Finding e-books Web Guides

Literary Resources on the Net

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

The Orlando Project: Feminist Literary History and Digital Humanities

Project Gutenberg

The Transformation Story Archive

University of Oxford Text Archive

University of Virginia Hypertext Projects

Victorian Women Writers Project

Voice of the Shuttle (Humanities resources, digital humanities database)

Women’s Writers Project


The American Museum of Tort Law

The Gangster Museum of America

The Museum of Intellectual Property


Other Links

Professor Alexander’s Copyright and Cartography Website

Legal History on the Web (The Triangle Legal History Seminar)