Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With B)

Baker, Jeanette, Irish Lady (Pocket Books, 1998). Meghann Sutton is the barrister who takes the case of an IRA defendant. Reminiscent of In the Name of the Father (movie).

Baldacci, DavidThe simple truth (NY: Warner, 1998). Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Knight and attorney Sara Evans are involved in a death penalty case. David Baldacci is a former trial lawyer.

Baldacci, David, Total control (NY: Warner Books, 1997). DC woman lawyer investigates a plane crash.

Barnett, Jill, Imagine (NY: Pocket Books, 1995)(Pocket books historical romance). Historical novel about a female California lawyer.

Barrett, Kathleen Anne, Milwaukee autumns can be lethal (NY: Harlequin, 2001)(Wwl mystery). Features Beth Hartley.

Barrett, Kathleen Anne, Milwaukee summers can be deadly (NY: Avalon Books, 1997)(An Avalon mystery).

Barrett, Kathleen Anne, Milwaukee winters can be murder (NY: Avalon Books, 1996). Features Beth Hartley, a Milwaukee attorney.

Barrett, Margaret, and Anne Rudman,  Given the crime: A novel (NY: Pocket Books, 1998). NY ADA Susan Given.

Barrett, Margaret, Given the evidence (NY: Pocket Books, 1998). 

Bass, Hyatt, The Embers (NY: Picador, 2010). Young public defender Emily Ascher adjusts to a demanding career, personal loss, and love.

Bates, Susannah, Charmed Lives (London: Century, 2001).

Bates, Susannah, Getting a Life (London: Arrow, 2000).

Bell, James Scott, Circumstantial evidence: A novel (Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman, 1997). Female LA county district attorney Tracy Shepherd involved in murder.

Bell, James Scott, Final Witness (1999). A law student is involved in a complicated drug trial.

Benedict, Elizabeth, The Practice of Deceit (NY: Houghton Mifflin, 2005). Female lawyer and her husband accused of covering up a conflict of interest problem.

Benke, Patricia D., Above the law (NY: Avon Books, 1997). San Diego attorney.

Benke, Patricia D., Cruel Justice (NY: Avon Books, 1999).

Benke, Patricia D., False witness (NY: Avon Books, 1996)(Avon fiction). San Diego lawyer.

Bernard, Diane, Eternally yours (NY: Kensington, 1996)(Zebra books). Woman lawyer travels back through time to the Civil War. Romance fiction.

Berne, Suzanne, A Perfect Arrangement (2001). Thriller about a lawyer and her husband who hire a nanny for their two small children.

Bernhardt, WilliamThe midnight before Christmas (NY: Ballantine, 1998). Attorney Megan McGee helps a woman regain custody of her child.

Berry, Steve, The Amber Room (2003). An attorney investigates the mysterious death of her war hero father.

Bettle, Janet, The Confession (London:  Piatkus, 2000).

Bickmore, Barbara, Beyond the promise (NY: Kensington Books, 1996). Oregon lawyer practices family law.

Bird, Beverly, When Winter Comes (1999). Romantic suspense.

Bissell, Sallie, In the Forest of Harm (NY: Bantam, 2001). Mary Crow is a half-Cherokee Atlanta ADA.

Blackstock, Terri, Evidence of mercy (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1995)(Sun coast chronicles; 1). Christian romantic fiction.

Blackstock, Terri, The Sun-Coast chronicles : four bestselling mystery novels complete in one volume (NY: Inspirational Pres, 1999).

Blackstock, Terri, Word of Honor (Zondervan, 1999)((Newpointe 911; 3). Character Jill Clark is the attorney.

Bond, Rebecca, In passion’s defense (London: Harlequin, 1985)(Harlequin love affair).

Boswell, Barbara, When lightning strikes twice (NY: Avon Books, 1997)(Avon contemporary romance). Romantic fiction featuring a woman attorney.

Boylan, Eleanor, Working Murder (Henry Holt, 1989). Mystery featuring Clara Gamadge, a character first invented by the writer Elizabeth Daly, Boylan’s aunt. Gamadge’s daughter in law is Tina, a New York lawyer.

Brandon, Jay, Defiance county (NY: Pocket Books, 1996). Woman lawyer investigates the disappearance of children in Texas.

Bremer, Joann, It’s all in the game (Toronto: Harlequin Books, 1988)(Harlequin Superromance; 302).

Bright, Freda, Decisions (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1984).

Bright, Freda, Parting shots (London: Macmillan, 1993). Explores a NY divorce lawyer’s own breakup.

Bristow, Gwen and Bruce Manning, The Invisible Host (1930). Also called The Ninth Guest. An attorney is one of several guests invited to a mysterious party in New Orleans. 

Brondos, Sharon, Luck of the Irish (Toronto, NY: Harlequin Books, 1994)(Harlequin Superromance; 588).

Brown, SandraBest kept secrets (NY: Warner Books, 1992). Attorney Alexandra Gaither returns to Texas to solve her mother’s murder.

Brown, Sandra, The witness (NY: Warner, 1995). South Carolina attorney Kendall Deaton takes a job as a public defender, uncovers conspiracy and murder.

Bugge, Carole, Who Killed Mona Lisa? (2001). Minor character is an African American female ADA, Rebecca White.

Bullard, Linda McKeever, Shades of justice (NY: Dutton, 1998). Female African-American attorney Gwen Parrish practicing in Houston craves a judicial appointment.

Burke, Alafair S., Close Case (2005).Features Samantha Kincaid, an ADA. Alafair S. Burke is a 1994 graduate of Stanford Law School and daughter of acclaimed novelist James Lee Burke.

Burke, Alafair S., Judgment Calls (2003). Features Samantha Kincaid, ADA.

Burke, Alafair S., Missing Justice (2004). Features Samantha Kincaid, ADA.