Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With G-H)


Gardner, Erle Stanley, The D. A. Calls a Turn (NY: Grosset and Dunlap, 1944). Inez Stapleton, a defense attorney, makes an appearance in this novel featuring D. A. Doug Selby. Gardner is better known as the author of the Perry Mason courtroom novels.

Gardner, Hayley, The One-Week Baby (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1997)(Mills & Boon Romance; H5160).

Gayle, Stephanie, My Summer of Southern Discomfort (2007). A Harvard Law grad takes a job as a Southern prosecutor and remakes her life.

Geary, Nancy Whitman, Misfortune (NY: Warner, 2001).

Gelinas, Robert E., Dead of night (NY: Windsor, 1993. Female St. Louis attorney.

Gibby, Darin, Chasing Hindy (Koehler Books, 2017). A patent attorney tries to help her new lover patent a radical new invention but finds that his company might be a scam.

Gordimer, Nadine, None to accompany me (London: Bloomsbury, 1994). South African attorney Vera Stark examines her life.

Godwin, Gail, Glass people (NY: Penguin Books, 1986)(Contemporary American fiction).

Goudge, Eileen, Thorns of Truth (Viking, 1998). Attorney Rose Griffin. Sequel to Garden of Lies (1989).

Graham, Heather, Tall, Dark, and Deadly (NY: Onyx, 1999). Romantic suspense.

Granotier, Sylvia, La rigole du diable (Livre de Poche, 2013). A young Parisian lawyer defends an African immigrant accused of poisoning her husband.

Graves, Lindsay, To Catch a Husband–An Ex-Wives Novel (2006). Features an ex-lawyer.

Grayson, Kristine, Utterly Charming (NY: Kensington, 2000)(Zebra Books). Fantasy; the attorney character is Nora.

Green, Billie, Wildfire (NY: Bantam, 1993)(Loveswept; 618). Texas lawyer finds love; romance fiction.

Green, Tim, Double Reverse (NY: Warner, 2000).

Green, Tim, The Letter of the Law (NY: Warner Books, 2000).

Green, Tim, The red zone (NY: Warner Books, 1998). Woman lawyer investigates a Palm Beach murder. Green is an NPR commentator, former professional football player, and attorney.

Gregory, Sarah (pseud. of A. W. Gray), The best defense (NY: Signet, 1999).

Gregory, Sarah, Capitol Scandal (1999).

Gregory, Sarah, In self-defense (NY: Signet, 1995). Texas lawyer.

Gregory, Sarah, Public trust (NY: Signet, 1997). Texas attorney takes up the cause of a death row inmate.

Grierson, Edward, The Second Man (1956).

Griffin, Jocelyn, Hostages to Fortune (SIlhouette Books, 1984). Romantic suspense.

Grimshaw, Charlotte, Guilt (London: Abacus, 2000).

Grisham, John, The Client (NY: Island Books, 1994). Female attorney assists young boy involved in a murder.

Grisham, John, The Pelican Brief (NY: Dell, 1993). Female law student uncovers plot against U.S. Supreme Court justices. Filmed with Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington.

Gruenfeld, Lee, The expert (NY: Dutton, 1998). Woman attorney investigates computer crime.

Gruenfeld, Lee, The halls of justice (NY: Onyx, 1997). Attorney Diane Pierman is suspected of murdering her rapist.

Guillory, Jasmine, The Wedding Date (Berkley, 2018). Lawyer Alexa, who is the mayor’s Chief of Staff, spontaneously agrees to a date with a charming stranger.

Gutman, Amy, Equivocal Death (due 2001). Kate Paine is a Harvard Law School graduate investigating the death of a senior partner.

Hager, Jean, Death on the Drunkard’s Path (Avon, 1996).  Former corporate attorney ends up dead at a quilting conference.

Halburg, Lynette, Enchanted Evening (2001).

Hamilton, Paula, The wanderer’s promise (NY: Dell, 1986)(Candlelight supreme; 146). Romance fiction.

Haran, Maeve, It takes two (NY: Harper Paperbacks, 1994). Romance fiction.

Hare, Cyril, Tragedy at Law (HarperCollins, 1991). Lady Barber, the wife of the judge who receives death threats in this mystery novel, is a trained lawyer. However, she never practices.

Harris, Norm, Fruit of a Poisonous Tree (2001). Navy lawyer Faydra Green.

Harrington, Kathleen, Montana Angel (NY: Avon Books, 1994)(Avon Romance).

Harrington, William, Partners (NY: Seaview Books, 1980).

Hartzmark, Gini, Bitter business (NY: Fawcett Columbine, 1995). Chicago lawyer Kate Mulholland becomes involved in a murder case.

Hartzmark, Gini, Fatal reaction (NY: Ivy Books, 1998). Features Kate Mulholland, Chicago attorney.

Hartzmark, Gini, Final option (NY: Ivy, 1994). Kate Mulholland thriller.

Hartzmark, Gini, Principal defense (NY: Ivy Books, 1992). First in the Kate Mulholland series.

Hartzmark, Gini, Rough trade (NY: Random House, 1999). Kate Mulholland becomes involved in sports law and murder.

Hasler, Eveline, Flying with wings of wax: the story of Emily Kempin-Spyri (NY: Fromm International, 1993). Fictionalization of the life of lawyer Emilie Kempin-Spyri (1853-1901).

Healy, Jeremiah F., The stalking of Sheilah Quinn (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1998).

Heggan, Christine, Suspicion (NY: Harlequin, 1998). Attorney Kate Logan’s ex husband is suspected of murder.

Hill, Reginald, Blood Sympathy (1996). Includes a female public defender character.

Hillerman, Tony, The Fallen Man (1999). This entry, along with some other Hillerman novels, includes lovely Navajo born, Stanford Law School educated Janet Pete as a love interest for investigator Jim Chee.

Hinze, Vicki, Duplicity (St. Martin’s, 1999). Military attorney Tracy Keener.

Hoag, Tami, Cry wolf (NY: Bantam Books, 1996). Louisiana-born prosecuting attorney returns home after losing a child abuse case, investigates serial murders with the assistance of disbarred attorney-novelist; love blossoms.

Hoag, Tami, Guilty as sin (NY: Bantam, 1996). Suburban Minnesota DA prosecutes child abduction and murder.

Holtzer, Susan, Better Than Sex  (St. Martin’s, 2002). Includes a character named Mimi, a corporate lawyer.

Hornsby, Nick, High Fidelity (1995).Made into a movie of the same name.

Howatch, Susan, The High Flyer (2000). A London attorney marries, goes through a spiritual crisis.

Howell, Jean, Vale of Love (1986).

Hucker, Hazel, The aftermath of Oliver (1993).

Hunt, Margot, For Better and Worse (Mira, 2018).