Female Attorneys As Characters In Novels (Authors’ Names Beginning With W)


Wakefield, Hannah, Cruel April (NY: Women’s Press, 1996). Dee Street, an American lawyer working in London, investigates a mystery.

Wakefield, Hannah, A February Mourning (NY: Women’s Press, 1990). A Dee Street mystery.

Wakefield, Hannah, The Price You Pay (NY: Worldwide, 1993). An American lawyer in London investigates a death and a miscarriage of justice.

Waldman, AyeletThe Big Nap (2001). Harvard Law grad and former public defender Juliet Appelbaum investigates another murder in LA. A “Mommy track” mystery. Waldman is a Harvard law graduate and former federal attorney.  See also Ayelet Waldman – Author Information, Books, and News

Waldman, Ayelet, The Cradle Robbers (2005). Features Juliet Appelbaum.

Waldman, Ayelet, Daughter’s Keeper (2003?). A Juliet Appelbaum mystery.

Waldman, Ayelet, Death Gets a  Time Out (2003). A Juliet Appelbaum mystery.

Waldman, Ayelet, Nursery Crimes (2001). Debut novel featuring Harvard law grad and corporate lawyer turned public defender Juliet Appelbaum. Having abandoned her career for the literal “mommy track” Juliet investigates the death of a nursery school principal. A “Mommy track” mystery.

Waldman, Ayetlet, A Playdate WIth Death (2002).

Walker, David J.Fixed in His Folly (1995). Harriet Malloy tries to find the child she gave up for adoption, and hires Malachy Foley to assist.

Walker, Elizabeth Neff, The healing touch (NY: Penguin Group, 1995)(Fielding Medical Center Quarter; 2). San Francisco attorney.

Wan, Helen, The Partner Track (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 2013). Female Asian-American associate Ingrid Yung aspires to make partner and to make sense of life. The author is Associate General Counsel at Time, Inc.

Warren, Pat, A home for Hannah (Richmond, Surrey: Silhouette, 1996)(Reunion)(Silhouette special edition). Massachusetts woman attorney.

Webb, Peggy, Bringing up Baxter (NY: Bantam Books, 1997)(Loveswept; 847).

Webb, Don, The double: an investigation (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1998). Woman lawyer practicing in Austin, TX.

Weiner, Jennifer, In Her Shoes (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2002). Rose Feller, an associate at a prestigious Philadelphia firm, and her sister Maggie, look for love in all the wrong places.

Wesson, Marianne, Render Up the Body (NY: Harper, 1998). Features Cinda Hayes, a former sex crimes prosecutor.

Wesson, Marianne, A Suggestion of Death (NY: Pocket Books, 2000). Marianne “Mimi” Wesson is professor of law at the University of Colorado Law School.

Wheat, CarolynDead Man’s thoughts (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1983). NY public defender Cassandra Jameson investigates the death of her lover, another PD.

Wheat, Carolyn, Fresh kills (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1995). Features NY attorney Cass Jameson.

Wheat, Carolyn, Mean streak (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1996). Features NY Cass Jameson. 

Wheat, Carolyn, Sworn to defend (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1998). Features Cass Jameson, Brooklyn attorney.

Wheat, Carolyn, Troubled waters (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1997). Features Cass Jameson, a NY lawyer. Traditional mystery.

Wheat, Carolyn, Where nobody dies (NY: Berkley Prime Crime, 1986). Features Brooklyn NY attorney Cass Jameson. Originally published St. Martin’s Press, 1986.

Wheeler, Amanda, Arms of the Magnolia (NY: Fawcett Gold Medal, 1994). Romance.

Wheeler, Amanda, Beyond the Fire (1996). Berkeley-trained African American attorney Nina Lewis becomes involved in politics and intrigue.

Whelan, Hilary, A shoulder to die on (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1995). French woman lawyer.

White, Stephen, Cold Case (NY: Penguin, 1999). Features attorney Lauren Crowder.

White, Stephen, Critical Conditions (NY: Penguin, 1998).

White, Stephen, Harm’s Way (NY: Penguin, 1996).

White, Stephen, Higher Authority (NY: Penguin, 1994).

White, Stephen, Manner of Death (NY: Penguin, 1999).

White, Stephen, Private Practices (NY: Penguin, 1994).

White, Stephen, Privileged Information (NY: Penguin, 1991).

White, Stephen, The Program (NY: Doubleday, 2001). Features Kirsten Lord, a former New Orleans prosecutor.

White, Stephen, Remote Control (NY: Penguin, 1997).

Wilcox, James, Modern Baptists (NY: Dial Press, 1983). One of the characters in this satiric novel is a Tulane Law School grad.

Wilhelm, Kate, The Best Defense (NY: Fawcett Crest, 1994). Oregon lawyer Barbara Holloway. Wilhelm is an award-winning science fiction author.

Wilhelm, Kate, Death qualified (NY: Fawcett Crest, 1992). Oregon lawyer Barbara Holloway.

Wilhelm, Kate, Defense for the Devil (1999).

Wilhelm, Kate, For the defense (NY: Fawcett Crest, 1996). Former title: Malice prepense. Features Barbara Holloway, Oregon lawyer.

Wilhelm, Kate, No Defense (London: Robert Hale, 2001).

Wilhelm, Kate, Unbidden Truth (Mira, 2005). Features attorney Barbara Holloway.

Wilkins, Gina, Tempting Tara (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1998)(Southern Scandals; Temptation: T622). Set in Atlanta.

Williams, Cathy, The Baby Verdict (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1999)(Mills & Boon Romance; H5090). Romance.

Williams, Nicola, Without prejudice (London: Headline Feature, 1998). Originally published 1997. Debut novel features a minority English woman lawyer, Lee Mitchell, as she defends a client against fraud charges.

Winchester, David F., The Innocent Corpse (Pittsburgh: Sterling House, 1999)(B. A. Cole Mystery Series). Also published as The Case of the Innocent Corpse.

Winn, Bonnie K., When a man loves a woman (NY: Harlequin Books, 1996)(Harlequin American romance; 646)(Maybe this time). Salt Lake City attorney finds love; romance fiction.

Winters, Rebecca, Undercover bachelor (Richmond: Mills & Boon, 1999)(Love Undercover)(Mills & Boon Romance; H5059). Romance.

Wolitzer, Meg, The Ten Year Nap (Riverhead Books, 2008). What happens to an ambitious lawyer when she leaves behind her fast-paced career to have a baby and raise him.

Woodford, Peggy, Jane’s Story (London: Sceptre, 1998).

Woods, Sara, The healthy grave (Toronto: Worldwide, 1982)(Raven House mysteries; 31).

Woods, Sherryl, Kate’s vow (NY: Silhouette Books, 1993)(Silhouette special edition; 823). Romantic fiction.

Wyrick, E. L., Power in the blood (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1996). Features Tammi Randall, a Georgia attorney. Mystery.

Wyrick, E. L., A Strange and Bitter Crop (NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1994). Features Tammi Randall. Mystery.