And For Your Reading Pleasure @HorribleSanity

If your reading tastes run to the odd, the eccentric, the Gothic, the off-beat (in literature or history), the pop culture-ish, or the feline, check out Undine’s blog Strange Company. Among her recent psots, a review of the legal woes of the aptly named Christopher Slaughterford, a little something from the 1904 Louisville Courier-Journal on talking trees,  the Lilian Richey disappearance of 1964, and a longer-form piece published at Murder by Gaslight on the 1895 unsolved murder of wealthy Ohioian Olive Peany.  The ripped-from-the-headlines people and the tv writers are missing something if they aren’t reading Undine’s blog and following her Undine on Twitter at @HorribleSanity.