Some New Podcasts To Try Out @ACNCpodcasts @AreYouaRobotPod @MurderandSuch

Are you looking for some new podcasts to try out? These might interest you.

All Crime, No Cattle–a podcast devoted to Texas true crime, hosted by Shea and Erin. The podcast’s name makes reference to the saying “All hat, no cattle,” which means someone who’s all talk and no action (or no substance). This podcast is not that! Follow it on Twitter at @ACNCpodcast.

Murder and Such

A podcast out of Dayton, Ohio, Murder and Such (@MurderandSuch) covers all kinds of very dark true crime stories.

A little further afield: Are You a Robot?  @AreYouaRobotPod

This podcast covers technology and ethics. In particular, check out season one, episode seven with Megan Ma from November 23, 2020: Language, Law, Tech.