Law and Humanities Roundtable 2021: Call For Papers @ThomGiddens

Law and Humanities Roundtable 2021



‘Change and the law: hope, opportunity, shock and dread’


This third annual Law and Humanities roundtable invites original, interdisciplinary, and humanities-focused paper presentations that reflect on the theme of change – both in terms of legal change that impacts on society and culture, and changes in society and culture that can lead to new directions for law. The event invites contributors to consider questions such as how change comes about, what determines its pace and direction, how we judge its significance and desirability, and its capacity to inspire hope, create opportunity and induce shock or dread. During 2021 we can expect that developments with regard to the environment, politics, health, and the economy will either give rise to or be precipitated by innovations in law and policy. But how can humanities approaches to law make sense of the notion of change at whatever scale we examine it?


If you would like to present a paper at this workshop, please send your title and abstract (up to 300 words) by Friday 5th February 2021 to David Gurnham (School of Law, University of Southampton; co-editor: Law and Humanities –


This roundtable event itself will take place online in July 2021, at a date to be decided. It is organised in association with the journal Law and Humanities – and its publisher (Routledge/Taylor & Francis). Law and Humanities is a peer-reviewed journal, providing a forum for scholarly discourse within the arts and humanities around the subject of law. Contributors to the roundtable are encouraged, though certainly not obliged, to consider writing up their paper for submission to the journal either as a full length peer reviewed article, or as a shorter comment piece.