What You Can Do With a Law Degree: Lawyers On “Survivor”

What can you do with a law degree? Well, you can be a contestant on the CBS reality series “Survivor.”  Mariana Loizaga (@mariana_loizaga) lists the impressive number of attorneys who have been contestants on the various seasons of Survivor, at least through the end of 2015. At the time she wrote the article, Loizaga was a law student. As she notes, Stacey Stillman, a San Francisco attorney who earned her degree at NYU, appeared during the first season of Survivor. She sued the show’s producer for fraud alleging that the outcome of the show was fixed. 

There’s a lawyer on the current Survivor season. Yale Law School graduate Daniel Strunk is competing this season, and he’s a big fan of Survivor and of politics. We’ll see how he does on the show.