McGee on Two Men in a Cafe @uncfsu

Robert W. McGee, Fayetteville State University Department of Accounting, has published Two Men in a Cafe: A Short Story, at 1 International Journal of Languages and Culture 3-5 (2021). Here is the abstract.


In this short story Leon, a man of African descent, and Pete, a man of unknown ethnicity, are discussing the results of some recent presidential primaries. It appears that a man named Jim, who has won the last two primaries, might become the next president, and Elizabeth, a woman of Samoan descent, might become his vice president. The conversation turns to the views of Jim and Elizabeth on a range of political and economic issues. Leon raises the issue of how income taxes are a modern form of slavery, since they confiscate the fruits of a worker’s labor, a view that was expressed by Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick in his book, Anarchy, State and Utopia, and by Frederick Douglass, a former slave.

Download the story from SSRN at the link.