Behrens on Timeline of “Terror”: Provenance of the “Blue John Gap” Autograph Manuscript @sweetlibrarian @margiedeck @nancyholder @DukeLaw

Jennifer L. Behrens, Duke University School of Law Law Library, has published Timeline of ‘Terror’: Provenance of the ‘Blue John Gap’ Autograph Manuscript in Terror of Blue John Gap Project (Margie Deck & Nancy Holder, eds., 2022). Here is the abstract.

This brief essay for The Terror of Blue John Gap Project, a collaborative online annotation hosted by the ACD Society, explores the provenance of the autograph manuscript for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1910 short story “The Terror of Blue John Gap.” Housed since 1953 in the Dartmouth College Library’s special collections, the manuscript changed hands at least four times in three decades on the New York antiquarian book auction market. The colorful characters who purchased it at auction included a judge-turned-titan of American industry and a Broadway-obsessed dentist, among others.

Download the essay from SSRN at the link.