Call For Proposals: New Book Series @AnneWag26082949

From Anne Wagner, Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (CGU Calais)


Angela Condello and I are more than happy to inform you that our new law book series « Gender, Justice, and Legal Feminism » is now available online. The website is still under construction and will be completed soon.







Here are the scopes should you be interested in submitting a proposal to us:




The Series Gender, Justice and Legal Feminism seeks to harness the diverse and innovative work within and across the boundaries of jurisprudence and gender studies, with a specific attention to approaches inspired both by traditional and more recent feminist movements (e.g., both by difference feminism and LGBTQ+ streams – with their different conceptualizations of identity and neutrality).

Sexual difference can be considered as one of the characteristics that differentiate individuals (like for instance age, or ethnic belonging) and such difference plays a focal function in issues of equality, justice, discrimination, as the philosophical concept of “différence” as properly shown. Such difference is indeed linguistic, logica, theoretical and must be studied in all its aspects.

Through the lense of the difference, the series aim to publish works engaging with the intrinsic bond between justice and gender studies (through language and psychoanalysis), encouraging perspectives that can be defined as feminist according to the various meanings attributed to such term. For example, like in the meaning attributed to the term by the project of Feminist Legal Judgments, which demonstrated that legal practice can be “rewritten” and re-imagined from a point of view that includes diverse subjectivities and does not consider the male subject as the dominant and principal subject of the law. The main objective of the series is to build on theories on gender and feminism in order to propose a different perspective on legal science and method.

In pursuing these tasks, the series aims to engage with the connections between gender identity, gender relations and political systems, and with all the societal aspects interacting in the construction and depiction of gender through language and human action. Such type of inquiries challenges the positivist view of law and constitutes a privileged critical point of observation.

The series welcomes proposals – be they edited collections or single-authored monographs – emphasizing the conflicts and connections between justice, gender, and law, proposing critical approaches to law and feminist studies, offering analyses in areas such as jurisprudence, legal theory, gender studies, legal semiotics, law and language.

Keywords: Justice, Law, Feminism, Gender Studies, Jurisprudence, Equality, Language, Symbolic Order, Difference Feminism, Abuse, Violence, Stereotypes, Neglection, Vulnerability, Welfare, Mental health and Social Care, Anti-Discriminatory/Affirmative Actions, Human Rights, Freedom of Expression and Choice, Resilience, Queer studies, LGBTQ+ studies