Baseball, the Law, and Popular Culture @LawLibCongress @bettylupi

Opening day is still a few weeks away, but we can certainly take a look at the intersection of America’s game, the law, and pop culture with an examination of some of these writings.

Betty Lupinacci’s recent post at In Custodia Legis discusses baseball and the law in film. Roger I. Abrams has written an entire monograph on the subject: Legal Bases: Baseball and the Law (Temple University Press, 1998). Other titles to check out:


Christian H. Brill and Howard W. Brill, Baseball Mascots and the Law, 65 Kansas L. Rev. 105 (2016/2017).

Paul Finkelman, Baseball and the rule of law, 46 Cleve. St. L. Rev. 239 (1998); Baseball and the rule of law revisited, 25 T. Jefferson L. Rev. 17 (2002/2003).

Robert M. Jarvis, Babe Ruth as Legal Hero, 22 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. 885 (1994/1995).

Amy Beckham Osborne, Baseball and the Law: A Selected Annotated Bibliography 1990-2004, 97 Law Libr. J. 335 (2005).

There’s a casebook: L. H. Schiff and Robert M. Jarvis, Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials (2016).

You can find more interesting baseball, law, and pop culture materials by searching Google Scholar and Google Books by combining appropriate search terms such as “baseball,” “law,” “popular culture,” “film,” and “television.”