“Judgment”: A Crime Drama Game From Sega/Ryu Ga Gotoku @THR @SEGA @RGGStudio

Brittany Vincent reviews Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s crime drama spinoff game Judgment for The Hollywood Reporter. She says in part,


There are multiple meaty layers to Judgment that continue to reveal more and more of the darker, grittier side of Kamurocho that’s rife with corruption at the highest levels of even the Japanese government. There’s an abundance of head-scratching moments found throughout that continue to throw you for a loop, even if you’re certain you know where the story is going. You’ll always be caught off-guard by a new development or double-crossing scenario later on down the line. It’s addictive, and you’ll want to see where the characters are going next. Those story beats, as well as the fact that the game is masterful at building up to one ending while crafting a different, far more unexpected outcome, are part of what makes Judgment as a complete package so compelling.  The other components include masterful storytelling by way of player input and detective work. While the other Yakuza titles tended to focus squarely on either Kiryu or Goro Majima solving problems with their fists, Judgment offers a fairly even split of important detective work, combat, and side missions.


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