Two Events With the Art and Law Research Cluster, University of Sussex @SussexUni @ArtLawNetwork

From Dr Lucy Finchett-Maddock, Senior Lecturer in Law and Art, LPS Community Engagement Co-Lead and Law and Art Research Cluster Co-Lead, announcements of two exciting events:


Deep Sea Mining, thinking with the Oceans 

Mekhala Dave, University of the Applied Arts and TBA21-Academy, Vienna 

Tuesday 26 October 5-6.30 UK Time (Online) 


The vocabulary in the law of the sea convention (LOSC 1982) is reflective of how we treat our oceans: for expedition, prospect, exploitation and exploration. All the terms described relate to deep sea mining, an activity beyond national jurisdiction, that invokes the common heritage principle albeit with deep ‘ownership fantasies’ of humans. I will introduce and discuss the conflicting understanding of deep-sea mining underpinned by narratives framed by the role of the arts and the cultural organisation that is the TBA21-Academy and their past and current commissioned works, that dismantle and re-contextualise what we know of our oceans. Art plays a prominent role from feminist and decolonial approaches that dilute the centrality of narratives of deepsea mining governance which is urgently shapeshifting with Nauru’s 2 year rule coming into force from June 2021. Nauru, a former colony and small Island country in the South Pacific, together with a multi-national company, is pressuring for reforms to regulations from the International Seabed Authority, a UN governing that oversees permits for deep sea mining.


To join please get a ticket here.



Art, Law, and Disruptive Technologies: NFTs and the Law Workshop 

November 17 Afternoon 2-4pm UK Time (Online and In Person) 

Non-fungible tokens are smart contracts that have been encoded using a work, and they link to that work. These can be traded and sold using cryptocurrencies, and they have started to revolutionise the art market, with some digital works being sold worth millions.

This workshop will bring together academics and artists that are interested in the intersection of NFTs, art and the law. We will showcase a few artists working in the area, and also will highlight some of the most relevant legal issues.

The event is organised by the Art and Law Research Cluster.


Alexandra Giannopoulou, iVIR, University of Amsterdam

Sylve Chevet, Developer

Fira, Artist

Micheál O’Connell, University of Sussex (TBC)

Teto, artist (TBC)

Sarah, artist (TBC)

Maxime Hacquard, artist (TBC)

Andres Guadamuz, University of Sussex

More details to follow.


For more information contact Dr Andres Guadamuz and Dr Maria Frabboni.