Twenty Minutes With the Devil: A Play by Luis Gómez Romero & Desmond Manderson

Well, this event should be interesting.  Twenty Minutes With the Devil, by Luis Gómez Romero & Desmond Manderson. 

“You see, my friend, I am just a humble businessman with a knack for success and no tolerance for failure.”

Half an hour alone with your worst fears and wildest dreams. No help, no witnesses, and not a minute to lose. When the crisis comes – what would you do?

On a lonely desert road in the dead of night, highway police Angela and Romulo are a team – sort of. Romulo is a shambles. Angela’s all business. But then they stop a speeding car and discover a man stripped to his undershirt and covered in filth. Oh – and a boot full of guns.

Part thriller, part black comedy, this play is inspired by events leading to the capture of El Chapo, Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, in 2016. But Twenty Minutes With The Devil transcends its original context, opening instead onto a world that is everywhere and nowhere, in an idiom at once strange and familiar. It asks vital questions about law, politics, and justice in the modern world. About the lives and decisions out of our control that seem to hold us all hostage. And the patterns that entrap us in other ways parents and children, myths and beliefs, childhood memories and fantasies of escape.

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June 23, 2022, Q&A session at 6:15-7:15 p.m., The Street Theatre, The Australian National University, Canberra (RSVP for the event at

Performances June 17-25, 2022