Bennardo on The Law According to She-Hulk @unc_law

Kevin Bennardo, University of North Carolina School of Law, has published The Law According to She-Hulk at 2023 University of Illinois Law Review Online. Here is the abstract.

The character of She-Hulk in the Marvel Universe also goes by the name of Jennifer Walters. Both before and after becoming She-Hulk, Walters is a practicing attorney. This Article focuses on the third She-Hulk series of Marvel Comics, written by attorney Charles Soule. In this series, She-Hulk spends most of her time managing her solo firm and practicing law and comparatively little time superheroing. Through observing her law practice, we receive glimpses of how the legal rules and norms in the Marvel Universe differ from the rules and norms in our own universe.

This Article attempts to mete out some of the rules and norms of legal practice in the Marvel Universe by extrapolating them from specific observations of She-Hulk’s legal practice. Through a comparative analysis, it then discusses the likely consequences of those differences for the legal profession in She-Hulk’s universe.

Download the essay from SSRN at the link.