An Instagram Account to Visit: OverheardCourthouse @HKP2012

If you haven’t already found it, check out the Instagram account @OverheardCourthouse. Wonderful entries and some real gems there! (Via Heidi Lou Who@HKP2012)

(judge reviewing an arrest form charging 1 count of murder)

Judge: “I find probable cause. State, are you asking for a stay away order?”

State: [“]Judge, it’s a murder.”

Public Defender: “Yes. The victim is dead.”


(Animal cruelty case involving racehorses)

Judge: “Is there an offer for the defendant?”

Prosecutor: “No offer pending victim approval.”

Judge: “[W]ith the HORSE?!”



Public Defender: [“]Pursuant to an agreement with the state, my client pleads guilty.[“]

Victim: [“] Wait [,] wait [,] that’s not him. [“]




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